Tulum Cervecería Artesanal

Surprise yourself with the best show in Tulum

At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal you will live an unforgettable night with our incredible Mayan Fire Show that will transport you to your roots and connect with your spirit, energy and soul.
Fire accompanied our ancestors and now it accompanies us both in the preparation of delicious grilled dishes and in our exceptional show in which you can enjoy surprising stunts and juggling with fire that will leave you and your guests enchanted, everything in an extraordinary show organized by the best prepared artists in the region, who will provide you with fun and safety from the comfort of your table.
Cariota juggling is a juggling in which the performers create a balance of tied weights, its original name is Poi and it means “Ball tied to a cord”.
Despite the fact that its origins date back to the Maori, the Poi has spread to different cultures and has undergone an important evolution. Originally they danced and sang while these acts were performed and today these accessories can be dispensed with.
The first Fire Poi ritual was performed in Hawaii in 1959 and since the 1960s it has been a striking attraction to the world.
The show is presented every night at the restaurant so you will not have to set aside a specific day to be able to witness it.
In addition, our DJ sets will be entertaining your dinner with music to brighten up your night.
The best way to accompany the environment of Tulum Cervecería Artesanal is with our exquisite gastronomy seasoned with natural sea salt and the most daring flavors of Mexican and Latin American cuisine.
Remember that our fish and shellfish come from sustainable fishing, which guarantees the reproduction of marine species in the ocean.
If you are vegan or one of your friends or family is, you should not worry because we have a variety of foods for this sector, our ingredients have been harvested with love and dedication from our own garden.
Our meats and ingredients come from certified organic farms, so our meat cuts will definitely fascinate you.
Likewise, you will be able to experience a quantum journey through the magic of our Artisanal Mixology. Delight with the different options we have for you.
  • Transport yourself to another dimension and activate your consciousness with the Tuluminati
  • Live a mystical experience and explore the flavors and aromas of Tulum with Zamá
  • Our drink Nicté tells us the story of the cenote guardian’s daughter turned into a water lily
  • Mula de Mezcal is an intervention of Mexican flavors that will invite you to take it more than once.
  • Pox is a potion that awakens your supreme being, a fusion between spicy and exotic flavors.
  • Saká is a sacred drink with bittersweet flavors that will take you to the dimension of Xibalba. 
  • Finally, Bupu will satisfy you with its sparkling elixir made with hot pot chocolate and wildflower foam. You will not be able to resist the temptation.
Not only will you find the tastiest dishes and the most refined mixology, but all the restaurant amenities will invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience, therefore…
Come and let us pamper you at Tulum Cervecería Artesanal!
Come to Tulum Cervecería Artesanal to taste the sustainable flavor. Book at Opentablewe have options for groups.