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‘Food of souls’

In recent years, the Day of the Dead has become one of the Mexican traditions with the greatest international relevance; its mysticism and folklore attracts those who do not see death as an end, but as a way to transcend beyond the physical plane. 
From the indigenous perspective, this celebration implies the transitory return of the souls of the deceased, who return home, to the world of the living, to live with their families and nourish themselves with the essence of the food that is offered to them on the altars placed in their honor. 
For the Mayan people, this ritual is known as ‘Hanal Pixán or Food of the Souls‘, the maximum ceremony to remember the ancestors, establishing a link between the living and the dead through songs, flowers and offerings with special dishes. A green cross made of the yaxché, a sacred tree for the Mayans, is placed on the altar. 
Legend has it that when the Spanish tried to instill the Catholic / Christian religion, they could not make the indigenous people bow before the cross representing this dogma, so it occurred to them to make a cross from the yaxché tree so that they would feel the need to bow before its sacred tree, which means “the center of the world” for the Mayans. 

How is hanal pixán celebrated? 

The Hanal Pixán is considered a tradition of ancient roots representative of the Mayan culture, from very remote times that go from 35 to 14 thousand years before Christ. The people of this Mesoamerican civilization, showed specific funeral practices and denoted the belief of a life after death.
Currently, the Hanal Pixán rites begin on October 31st, the day when children are celebrated. On November 1st it is offered to the souls of adults. The tradition culminates on November 2nd, considered “All Saints Day.” These dates are a special event for the relatives of the deceased, because they know that, on these days, the souls receive permission to visit their relatives on the earthly plane. 

Live the Hanal Pixan tradition in Tulum Cervecería Artesanal 

At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we proudly celebrate our Mayan roots with the creation of the Hanal Pixán Festival. Join us and enjoy a unique culinary experience throughout the month of November, where the living and the dead celebrate together!
Date: October 30th to November 30th
Enjoy an exquisite gastronomic tour with the mysticism of Hanal Pixán and the magic touch of Tulum Cervecería Artesanal. In our special menu, inspired by the food and drinks that are offered to the souls that visit us from beyond, you will find unmatched flavors of our gastronomic heritage, during an unforgettable evening full of joy and color.
At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal the nights are lit with fire and copal with the Mayan show where the gods Ixchel, Itzamná and their brave Mayan warriors are present, in a ceremony that will connect your body, mind and soul, with the energy of the ancestors. 
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