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Did you know that the tuna tiradito is a healthy and exquisite gourmet dish?

Did you know that the tuna tiradito is a healthy and exquisite gourmet dish? 
That is why at Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we want to invite you to try this delicious dish that is part of our appetizer menu, but not before telling you where it comes from.
The origins of this food comes from Peru, but some people believe that it is a combination between Peruvian and Japanese food due to the way it is served.
This Japanese influence is reflected in the gastronomy of Peru by the end of the 19th century and over time it has acquired different flavors.
The reason why its name derives from the word “estiradito” is because of the thin slices in which the fresh fish is cut.
So, what is it that makes our Tuna Tiradito so unique? That our fish come from sustainable fishing, that is, one that does not compromise the reproduction of marine ecosystems and that respects protocols such as the close fishing season, in addition to avoiding indiscriminate fishing.
This is important for Tulum Cervecería Artesanal because we are a restaurant committed to the environment, likewise our meats come from certified organic farms and we have a garden where we grow our vegetables.
How is our tasty tuna tiradito served? It is served with avocado, red onion rings, achiote aioli, sesame oil, toasted sesame, Nikkei sauce and radish sprouts beautiful to the sight.
By consuming this dish you will not only be tasting the seasoning of our great chef, but you will also be tasting an international meal.
Some other dishes that are friendly to sustainable fishing are smoked salmon carpaccio, Alaska crab legs, natural oysters, soft shell crab, fried octopus, seafood lollipop and more.
In short, to make your experience more enjoyable you can choose from our cocktails and brewery the best craft beers, especially Cerveza Tulum, a craft lager beer made with seawater that has a delicious flavor as well as its aroma, color and texture.
The sophistication of our Tuna tiradito will also allow you to pair it with our mixology from which you can choose extravagant drinks such as Tuluminati, Zamá, Nicté, Mezcal mule, Pox, Saká and Bupu, each one of them with a surprising story, prepared with natural and exotic ingredients that your palate will enjoy.
If you don’t know what to drink, don’t worry because you can always ask for the house recommendation and of course it’s worth repeating.
If you’ve already decided to come and try our Tuna Tiradito or some other delicious dish from our menu, don’t think twice and make your reservation right now at OpenTable. In the same way you can do it via e-mail reservas@tulumadvancedcuisine.com or by calling +52 99 82 91 62 53.
We will be waiting for you with open arms.
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